The New Inn

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This page shows the history of The New Inn over the years.

The New Inn was first mentioned as a Public House/Coaching Inn in the 1871 census for Goonhavern. Mr William Grubb was the Publican then and from our records William and his wife Mary ran the Inn from 1866 to 7th March 1878 when they then emigrated to Australia. William Grubb also ran a Stagecoach from the Inn, and had a stable in the front of the Inn where horses etc could be housed.

In 1881 and 1883 Walter & Eliza Chirgwin were the owners. In 1889 new landlord was Walter Prout. By 1891 the new landlord was Felix & Kathleen Bragg. From 1893 through to 1901 John & Sophia Powell were lanlords. During 1910 and 1911 new landlords were Arthur & Sophia Bircham. In 1914 John Edward & Elizabeth Alma Westcott were the landlords. By 1939 Mr & Mrs Percy Westcott ran the pub (wife ran the pub) as well as the Blacksmiths Forge (husband ran the Forge) opposite.

There have been a number of landlords over the past 140 plus years but Mr & Mrs John (Jack) Eslick must have been one of the longest tenants (Devenish Brewery) with over 30 years’ service ending in the late 1960’s when they retired.

Then in the 70’s & 80’s Danny & Maggie O’Leary were landlords. Afterwards there was a spell of short tenancies into the 2000’s. The last tenant before the major renovation was Gary McNaughton who ran the Inn for many years before it closed in June 2013.

After a major refurbishment the New Inn re-opened on August Bank Holiday 2013, with Park Leisure in charge trading as “Oyster Bay” to complement their luxury home development in the village.

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4 thoughts on “The New Inn”

  1. Hi

    John Edward Westcott who (with his wife Alma),was landlord of the New Inn was one of my great grandfathers. He died in 1921.
    I have a photo of him as a Colour Seargeant in the Grenadier Guards. The family came to Perranporth to work in the munitions works after his army days were up.
    His son Percy who later ran the pub and the blacksmiths was of course my great uncle, but sadly I don’t have any images of him.
    John Edward and Alma had a daughter Dorothy Aileen who died in Truro Hosptal from tetanus after falling off her bike riding fron Goonhavern to Perranporth. It wa only a minor cut. They’re all buried at Perranzabuloe of course.
    Best wishes

    Tony wherry

    1. Thank you Tony for the update, I did not know about Percy’s parents running the New Inn, I don’t think I have seen any “Westcott” photos from here, perhaps one will come to light, our archive is growing daily, and there must be a relative still in the area. Always hoping.

      1. Hi Derek

        Have been away on holiday and only just rechecked your site.
        Would you be interested in the photo of John Edward Westcott and his wife I have?

        If so, can you please let me know how to get it to you or upload it????

        Many thanks

        Best wishes

        Tomy Wherry

    2. Hi Tony,

      I know this is a long shot as these postings were 5 years ago. John Edward Westcott was my Great, Great Grandfather. Alma his daughter ( born in the tower of London ) was my great Grandmother she married my Great Grandfather Charles Stokes. I still live in Cornwall and have traced the Wescotts back to the late 1700s. Any more information is always appreciated and photos particulary welcome.


      Mark Stokes

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