Rose Village, Surrounding Hamlets & its Residents

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This page shows the history of Rose Village, Surrounding Hamlets and its Residents over the years.

Unfortunately the quality of the scanned images are not as I would like as they were not taken from the original photographs. If anyone has a copy of the photographs on this page and could email mail me a copy I will credit you, and replace my copy.

Rose is a small village with a very small population. It is in between Goonhavern and Perranporth. The people of the village get together and write a newsletter. There is a committee to arrange various activities for the local folk. They have an A.G.M. once a year. The Men’s Institute hold a Fun Nite each year. This year they had a genuine home-made pasty section on their “Home Produce” stall. There was a baking day for the ladies. There is also a Sunday School for the children with a different theme each week. In the chapel they have concerts in the evenings as well as regular services. They write all sorts of news in the newsletter which is monthly. For instance if someone leaves the village they mention it (eg. joining the Army). Even a cuckcoo in a nest can get a mention!

Rose Post Office is owned by Mrs Partridge.She does family allowances,  bills, pensions, stamps and kodak prints. The small. She runs it on her own. If anyone came to steal anything they would find it difficult because she has got a very vicious dog. Just the locals use this P.O. Originally it was joined to the shop down the road. Her father had it before her. It has had three moves. At one time it was in her mother’s kitchen and now it is in the old coal house. A bell rings in the kitchen when someone comes. She likes working in the P.O. because its not very busy. She has been working there about 14 years. £35.80 is the basic pension but not many people have that now. A married person gets £21.50. There is a much larger P.O. in Perranporth. Sadly, a lot of small village P.O.’s have had to close.

Article Courtesy of the BBC Domesday Reloaded Project written in 1986.

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  1. Hello. My family on my fathers side were Nicholls that used to live in Rose Village. I remember my grandad Nicholls [ J.H or Jack as everyone knew him] telling me that the first Nicholls to come to the Isle of Man to live were two maybe three generations before him which would be his grandfather or maybe his great grandfather. That was all I knew until ten years ago after my father passed. Whilst my sister and myself were sorting out filing cabinet we found all these old black and white & sepia photos which we thought must date from around the early 20th century maybe the period 1900 – 1920. From the on I started talking to my late Uncle Peter who then told me more about that side of the family. Our family were all mining stock and lived in a little house on what must be the main road through the village opposite what sounds like a church hall. The Nicholls relative that left Cornwall to move to the Isle of Man seemed to be head hunted on simlar to come over and run Foxdale mines over here on the island. He couldnt speak much English apparently so had to learn it when her arrived. There is some mystery in that he left and never went back despite having family still in Rose. My uncle remembers visiting Rose with my grandad together with my father Roy when they were little and also in 1081 with his wife Joy. They tried to find the old family house and asked a passer by who directed them to a lady who was thought to be the oldest resident of the village. On knocking on her door she remembered the visit of Uncle Peter and my father with grandad the went to knock on the door of someone she knew only for Uncle Peter to find it was a descendant of the relative who moved to the Isle of Man and the family resemblance to grandad was incredible apparently. Sadly now all those who would be able to impart more info about our family are no longer with us but I feel very priveledged to be given some pieces of our family tree proverbial jigsaw before he passed.

    1. Hi Keren, I was born in Goonhavern (1956) and there was 2 Nicholls lines in Goonhaven, and one married into the other, confusing isn’t it. I knew Edgar Nicholls well, also Jim Nicholls who lived ltter lived next door to the New Inn Pub, and a Jack Nicholls who lived down at Penventon, Reen Cross Road, he would hve been the oldest one. Don’t know if they mean anything to you. Regards Derek

  2. I am both quite amused and seriously annoyed to see my completely fictitious history of Shepherds Station and the Treamble Branch being quoted as fact on this website. This narrative was made up to provide a scenario for a model railway layout and despite being slightly aligned to some bits of reality, it is mostly based my imagination.

    Had the website author had the courtesy to contact me to let me know my writings were to be re-published, I would have gladly pointed this out. As it stands, I have considered keeping quiet and letting the absurdity of this history be promoted as true.

    However, my better judgement has prevailed and I feel these inaccuracies ought to be highlighted, if only to ensure the history of the area is accurate.

    1. Morning Stu, Apologies but I can’t find anything that you refer to, what page is it on, and what picture does it refer to? I was given various tales by other enthusiasts, and if in correct gladly will remove, not to cause offence.

  3. l was born at Little Lantegue just outside Goonhavern and my fondest memories of growing up are at Gear Farm Rose and going to school at Goonhavern C P and then catching the train into Newquay G S we moved from the county when I was 13 and I now reside in Okehampton Devon I have been doing the Ancestry of the Penna’s and am back to 17th century so if I can help anyone would be glad to

    1. Hello Peter. I am an Australian Penna descendant and will be visiting the Goonhaven area in April to see and’feel’ where my Penna ancestors came from. Do you have connections in the area? Can I email you to find out who I can meet whilst there? You may know Rex Penna and Raelene from South Australia who have compiled the family history here in Australia. Rex and Raelene visited Goonhaven and Rose village some years ago. Look forward to making contact. (Family history: My grandfather Stanley William Higgs married Neva Penna (born 10.10.1897). Neva’s parents were John Penna and Elvina Gasmier.(b. 03.08.1865 in Riverton, South Australia.) Hope that helps work out the connection.

    2. My Mum Pauline Greet grew up in Abbaville house in Rose of anyone remembers her? Her Dad was called John/Jack her mum was Nancy and her sister Angela

  4. I am delighted to discover this link to the Rose and Hendravossen area. I understand there are around 3,800 Pennas in the area!! I am a descendant of the Penna family and live in South Australia. I am coming to England and specifically Cornwall for a few days to see if I can meet up with some of my distant relatives! And to stand where they stood! I would love to hear from anyone who may be interested to meet up when I am there. My mother’s cousin, Rex Penna and his wife Raelene visited the area some years ago. I hope to get an email from at least someone so I can discover more about our roots. Rex and Raelene Penna stayed at Hendravossen farm but I can’t find that it is still a B&B. My name is Jeanette Rich (nee Argent married to Melva Jean Higgs) Melva’s parents were Stanley William Higgs married to Neva Penna ) Kind regards. Maybe this is the link I have been hoping for!!!

    1. Hi
      I have just found this page about Rose
      Hendravossan Farm does not do B&B any more. My parents William and Doris Waters lived there and took in guests but sadly they have both passed away. farm is now my brothers Michael
      We are also related to the Penna think from Waters side, not got info with me as away staying at my sisters in Newquay. But if you are interested let me know and I will look up my folders. My email is [email protected]
      I hope you managed to get over here and had a good stay, though sadly our family home is not In such good repair

  5. Dear Sir. My paternal great grandfather was John Currah and his wife was Harriet Currah nee Harvey.
    Harriet died in the village of Rose in October 1876 and James Penna was present at her death.
    I would love to have any info on the Currah family or pictures.
    John Currah was a farm labourer.
    His Father , William Currah and mother Jane Currah nee Hawken
    I have been doing the family tree now for some 5 years and have just completed the extended familyside
    Thank you
    Brian Woodcock

    1. Brian, if you have not already done so you might like my Facebook Group – Memories of Goonhavern – Past & Present, this covers Rose too and I am sure someone is related to the Currah family.

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