The Old Forge

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This page shows the history of The Old Forge over the years.

It is rumoured to have been built around 1650 although I have no proof as yet.

From Census records and other sources this is a brief history: In 1851 Edward & Benjamin Menadue owned and worked there. In 1871 it was Philip Davey. In 1881 Joseph Henry (Rudd) Eplett was the Blacksmith and continued through the 1890’s & early 1900’s.  During  the early 1900’s Mr Joseph Grubb and his son Harlin kept Pigs there.  In 1910 Arthur Salmon is listed as the Blacksmith, and in 1911 Fred Eplett later to be founder of Goonhavern Banjo Band was working there with him. By 1930 Percy Westcott was the village Smithy and his wife ran the New Inn opposite and was still there in 1939.

By the 1940’s Jack Nicholls had the Old Forge, he kept a car in the part that later became the Restaurant (he used the car as a village taxi) and in the part that later became the Snack Bar he used to repair bicycles. Jack Nicholls sold the Old Forge  by 1954.

The Old Forge then became a Tea Rooms / Snack Bar from the mid 50’s until the 70’s under the ownership of Tom Hutchinson. When he retired Mr Harry Penna took over the business.

Finally it ceased being a Restaurant/Cafe in 1999 then being converted into a private dwelling, with an associated Car Sales business.

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7 thoughts on “The Old Forge”

  1. I have an old picture of my parents standing outside the old forge cafe. it doesn’t show the building but it shows the sign and cream teas at 2/7. would you like it?

  2. Hi. I’m Andrew, currently in the process of buying the old forge. Dont worry I’m not demolishing it. My wife and I plan to move in and raise our 2 children there, we fell in love with it after just 1 viewing. The car sales is going and we are fencing it in and turn into a garden
    Plan to carry the hedge row on in time. Would be a shame to demolish such a lovely building with so much history.

  3. Love the site and thank you for all the information, i see the old forge is under offer. do you know if they are knocking it down?, i hope not it has lots of history

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