Rose & Surrounding Hamlets

Gorsedh Kernow Awen ceremony at Perran Round – June 2014

Each year Gorsedh Kernow visit an ancient site and honour two elders and two youngsters of the parish.

The book of life is then transferred from the elders to the children.

One thought on “Rose & Surrounding Hamlets”

  1. The Lord Mayor of Rose as some of us used to affectionately call him. Dank helped to raise money for the building of Rose Institute back in the 1930s and remained a member of the club pretty much right up until he died aged 95 in February 2016. One funny memory I do have of him is one Friday night in 2012, there was a group of us including Dank at Rose Institute and a fellow member, Ken Reading had not long had his 80th birthday. Not sure what Ken said but Dank turned around and said to him, “Sit down boy! I was 80 once!” and we all cracked up!

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