Rose & Surrounding Hamlets

Rose Chapel Interior Circa 1985 – probably before the Auction

This chapel sadly closed in June 1983 but from September 1983, the Sunday School building was used for Sunday Services. For a period during 1987, the old coach house at the rear as you look at the building from the road was used to hold the Sunday Service. Then on 1st August 1987, the chapel as we know it today was opened. The Rev Gilbert Norgett, a former Superintendent Minister of the circuit took the services that day. The chapel door was due to be unlocked by Mrs Rica Glanville, but sadly, she died just a few hours before and so it was opened by the next oldest member, Mrs Marjorie Penna, mother of Leslie Penna who still attends the chapel today.

2 thoughts on “Rose & Surrounding Hamlets”

  1. If this is from amongst the set of photographs I think it is, then it is more than likely from around 24th April 1985 which would have been the day before the chapel was auctioned.

    1. I had two photos but nothing written on them other than 1985, I only just finished uploading all the photos from your fathers book. I have to move the ones of Rose off my general page. Have got distracted !!

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