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  1. I think I remember someone saying as well that the young lady with the push bike is Olive Piper (1893-1993). She moved out of the house where mum now lives in around 1970 and when I knew her, she lived with her daughter Rose in Rose Meadows. One thing I remember at her funeral which Rev John Haley took I think was that on her coffin, it had “99 not out” because unfortunately, she didn’t quite make her 100th birthday. I would love to know the names of all the people in this photo if anyone can identify them.

    1. Yes you are correct Simon, Mrs Piper & Rose lived in 6. Rose Meadows, now where Ray Menhennet lives. When I was younger I used to park my car in their garage as it was empty, and I used to cut their grass for them in payment. Rose was disabled and it always amazed me how she got about.

  2. The only thing I would say about this photo Derek is that there has never been a place called Lower Rose. The whole village has only been known as Rose for at least the last 250 years or more, although in 1697, the area around the chapel was known as Rose Lane End.

    1. Maybe a local thing Simon, when I used to deliver post up to Rose, we always knew it as Lower Rose, perhaps it was just a name to allow postmen and idea where the address was, than just Rose, which covers a great area.

      1. Hi Derek, I think we are in the process of buying the middle cottage in the photo. Not 100% sure though, it is called Verbena cottage hoping to be in before Christmas, very excited! Lovely photo. Alan

        1. Hope the property is as you hope for. Rose is a nice village and has not changed too much over the past 100 yrs. We have an Old Cornwall talk on the last friday evening at the end of each month (sep-may) at Goonhavern Village Hall, anyone welcome, talks on anything to do with Cornwall.

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