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  1. We moved into the property near the ford in 2011 and I am just beginning to find time to research the area. This is a most interesting website. I didn’t know the ford was called Tomascotty, our house (now renamed by previous owners Willow Ford cottage was I believe formerly called Garlands Farm. I understand it was owned at one time by a family by the name of Scott. It had some land (about 12 acres I was told) which was sold off in the 1970s when the house was rebuilt. I have been told that the area was at one time known as ‘Triblemewitts’ (poss. ‘Trouble me wits?) interestingly in the parish where I grew up on the Lizard, there was an almost identical valley and twisty hilly lane situation which was also known as ‘Trible me wits’ could this be a corruption of an old Cornish place name for such a site?

    I am also very interested in the Wheal Hope mine just up the valley from us. I believe (from a sketchy mining survey done when we bought the property) that an adit from this mine passes under our garden. Is there any source of information where I might find out more about this mine?
    Thanks for a most interesting collection.
    Steve Howe

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