Goonhavern – Individuals of the Past

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This page shows just some of the many Individual Characters of the Village of Goonhavern over the past hundred and fifty years .

Earlier than 1900

Period 1900-1909

Period 1910-1919

Period 1920-1929

Period 1930-1939

Period 1940-1949

Period 1950-1959

Listen to a track played by Goonhavern Banjo Band.

Listen to a vocal track by Glen Pedlar singing with Goonhavern Banjo Band accompanied by his Daughter Carol.

Listen to Rita Jacka playing a Banjo solo.

Period 1960-1969

Period 1970-1979

Period 1980-1989

Period 1990-1999

Period 2000-2009

Period 2010 – 2019


Period 2020 –


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