Goonhavern Individuals

The Ford Family at Goonhavern Stores & Post Office – Circa 1910

The Ford Family excluding Samuel:

Left to Right: Helen Ford (1879-1914) later married George Warne of Carnebo Farm, Edith Ford (1876-1945) later married Sydney Sampson of Higher Engelly Farm, Mary Ford nee Pill (mother & widow) (1851-1941), Florence Ford (1894-1962) later married Wilfred Penna of Saddle Rock Farm Rejerrah, Amy Ford (1886-1918) later married Henry Eplett of Carnkief, Hilda Ford (1892-1960) later married Charlie Stephens of Rejerrah Mill & Mildred Ford (1884-1955) later married Tom Adams of Charlestown.

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