Goonhavern Individuals

Goonhavern Banjo Band outside Mr Fred Epletts bungalow – Circa 1955

Goonhavern Banjo Band was formed in 1935 into the 1970’s. Founder Mr Fred Eplett formed the band after he returned from South Africa.

Back Row: Alan Lamb, Silas White , Baden Powell (1901-1979), Les Taylor, William Henry Eplett, James Edgar Veale (1924-1982) & Glen Pedlar (1921-2003).

Middle Row: Mrs Elsie Lavin nee Roberts (1921-1994), Rose Penna, Mrs Dorothy Powell nee Hitchens, Miss Rita Jacka (Twin Sisters), Miss Roma Jacka (Twin Sisters) & Mrs Elsie Veale nee Eplett.

Front Row: Founder Mr Fred Eplett (1893-1965) & Mr Howard Rule (1895-1962).

2 thoughts on “Goonhavern Individuals”

  1. Apparently, Willie Waters (1926 – 2011), Trevor Jewell (1922 – 2007) and Audrey Jewell (1926 – ) were also members or used to go round with the Banjo Band at one stage too.

    1. Groupies !! There seemed to be a lot of people that were involved with the Banjo Band, I had lessons on the Banjo when I was a lad with Rita Jacka down Fred Epletts.

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