Goonhavern Individuals

Goonhavern Postmen – Circa 1970

Picture taken by Derek Brooks around 1970 of the four postmen and postlady that covered an area from Goonhavern, Wheal Hope, Treamble, Rose, Perranwell, Penhallow and Callestick. Mail was delivered to Goonhavern Post Office, Sorted and delivered by 4 vans and 1 pushbike.

In the photo is left to right: Raymond Ellery (1915-1986), Tony (Truro Postman), Ron Richards (1918-2000), Mrs Kempthorne (Pushbike) and Henry Rodda (1913-1996). Other postmen/postlady to work at Goonhavern Post Office Sorting Office were Mrs Beryl Rule (Pushbike), Chris Dennis, Trevor Knibb & Percy Bodilly.

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