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This page shows various miscellaneous properties and items within the village over the years.


Cornerways was situated on the crossroads in Goonhavern opposite Winnie Grigg’s shop. When the road was widened in the early 1970’s both Cornerways and Winnie Grigg’s shop were demolished. Today there is a bungalow on the site of Cornerways but it is set well back from the road and is smaller than the original.

Carnkief, Wheal Anna & Wheal Francis scenes:

Goonhavern Bible Christian – Methodist Chapel:

The Methodist (Bible Christian) Chapel (a listed building) was built in 1876 the same year as the Goonhavern School. The Sunday School was built in the 1860’s and was used as a Chapel until the main building was built. The last service to be held in the Chapel was on Sunday 15th October 2006.

Goonhavern Community Hall:

The Goonhavern Community Hall was built between 1950 & 1954. The land was purchased in about 1950 from Miss Lizzie Knight of Perranporth and the hall built by voluntary contributions opened in 1953, improvements were carried out in the 1960’s when the entrance was built on to the exterior instead of being inside the hall and the concrete floor was replaced with “wayrock”. The Hall celebrated 60 years in 2014.

Goonhavern Garden Centre:

Goonhavern Industrial Estate:

Goonhavern Snooker Club:

Goonhavern Institute was built for the community back in 1926 and has an engraved stone in the front wall dedicated to Mr William Henry Eplett. The front original building was built in 1926 and had an open hearth with a three quarter size snooker table before two extensions were added in later years.

Goonhavern Village scenes:

Near Halt Lane – Goonhavern Industrial Estate:

Public Conveniences:

The Public Conveniences were built at the Bridge Road entrance to Goonhavern Park some time after the park opened.

Reen Cross Farm:

Trebarthen Terrace:

On the 16th October 2006 a Lightning strike caused extensive damage to No3 & No4 Trebarthen Terrace.

World in Miniature:


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