Central Stores; Masters Garage & The Gables

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This page shows the history of Central Stores; Masters Garage  & Mr Henry Richards/Mr Raymond Ellery Carpenters Shop over the years.

Central Stores:

In 1881 although not named, there was a James Buddle, his wife Ann & son John who ran a grocers shop and carriers which seems to be what we know as Central Stores. They are still listed there in 1893 the last mention of them.

Central Stores had been established for over a century when a newspaper article in “Town and Country News” appeared on December 30th 1932. Then the present Central Stores had been recently rebuilt, but had only been controlled by the then proprietress Miss Elsie K. Hollway for the past few years.

Originally a Grocery store, it widened its scope until today (1932) there are only a few essentials that were not stocked. Miss Hollway adopted the policy of stocking everything that was asked for. Thus if an article is asked for and not stocked, Miss Hollway obtained it specially and in future kept a small stock against future orders. Thus the scope of her stores was ever increasing. Hence the nickname “The Harrods of cornwall” was born. There were many farms in the district and most of the farmers and residents supported Central Stores and obtained as many of their requirements as possible.

Groceries constituted the bulk of the stores sales and a very large and varied stock of all the leading proprietary lines was covered. Next in importance was her Drapery Goods. The stock held is also very varied and taking everything into consideration particularly attractive. Confectionery, Newspapers and innumerable other articles played a leading part.

Behind the store was a field which was let as a camping site to Scouts and others, tents, furniture and utensils being supplied by Miss Hollway. Miss Hollway was still there in 1939.

It continued as the village stores with various owners including Stephen Clark during the war, his Mother in Law, Muriel ran it, Arthur & Elsie Smith in the from 1969, and finally Johnny Morris & his wife Betty sold it in 1997.

It was purchased then by Jim Harvey and converted into a private dwelling with his Barbers Shop in the side building adjacent to the dwelling. It is still that way today.

©2016 Derek Brooks

“Fredliz (Masters) Garage was owned by Frederick (Fred) & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Masters, It served petrol and carried out car maintenance. They owned the garage in 1939 and after Fred died in 1941, widow Lizzie ran the garage for many years, then later with son Philip when he was old enough in the mid 1950’s. Finally it was closed and sold in 1995 and converted into a dwelling.

©2016 Derek Brooks

The Gables:

Henry Richard’s wife ran “The Gables” for Bed & Breakfast in the 1930’s.

In my youth from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s it was owned by Mr Ron Richards and his family.

The Gables changed drastically and became a Residential Home for The Elderly and during 1998-2012 predominantly catering for Physical & Learning difficulties.

It has now been sold, and has been turned into residential accommodation (flats).

The Carpenter’s Shop:

The Carpenter’s shop was situated to the left of the entrance to the Gables, and had various occupants. There are mentions of Carpenters Edward Coombe and William Nicholls being Carpenters in 1901 & 1911 but I cannot confirm it was this location.

However after this we do know that Henry Richards had his Carpenters Shop there in the 30’s & 40’s. In the days of little cars, he used to make wooden wheels for the transport of the day, and also made coffins. They used to say early surf boards were actually coffin lids.

Sometime after Henry Richards, Perranwell resident Raymond Ellery had the Carpenter’s Shop this was in the 1950’s. I believe he left this location in 1980 when the Gables was sold, and then he moved and had his Carpenter’s Shop at Perranwell in the old Wooden building that originally came from Noble’s Explosives Factory at Cligga.

Raymond was the village postman in the mornings during the 70’s and a Carpenter & Undertaker the rest of the day.

Finally, the building was used as a Fishing Tackle Shop probably in the early 2000’s.

The Shop:

Details on this is more sketchy, on the opposite side of the entrance to “The Gables” was another small building. It was occupied at the same time as Henry Richards had his Carpenters Shop, both buildings looking similar in old photos.

©2016 Derek Brooks

4 thoughts on “Central Stores; Masters Garage & The Gables”

  1. I have just leant that the Richard’s family lived at The Gables in my time. I have been trying to remember that name for many years as I knew their daughter but still cannot recall her name. Anyone help?

  2. I am 61yrs old , from Sth Yorkshire. I’m currently on Sunny Meadows camp site. I remember camping at Goonhavern from around 5 yrs old with my parents and have been many times since . its a lovely village. I have vague recollections of a cream tea / cakes in the front garden of a house just on the edge of Goonhavern toward Perranporth. Also (could be wrong) a model village near the crossroads ? Back then (60’s) there were Glow Worms in the hedgerows and the odd snake too. It’s a different place nowadays but the same charm and friendly people. Thank you all for making some of the best holidays I ever had.

    1. Yes Ken, the World in Minitature is now the Oyster Bay Luxury Homes on the main road out of Goonhavern heading up to the A30. There is a place just up the road from you heading to Perran that did Cream Teas out in the garden, the house was painted in pink in those days. But there could have been others, I was born here in 56, and still here. Nice that you keep coming back, it’s changed a lot in 50+ years.

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