Zelah Village, Surrounding Hamlets and its Residents

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This page shows the history of Zelah Village, Surrounding Hamlets and its Residents over the years.

Some pictures are of poor quality but better than not having them. Hope you agree.

6 thoughts on “Zelah Village, Surrounding Hamlets and its Residents”

  1. I lived in zelah until 72. I have found memories of sports days, and tea treat events. My best friend was julie. I lived at chiverton farm. With my parents. Neil and Margaret Edward’s I would love it if anyone has any photos of them or my grandparents.

  2. I was happy to find these photographs. I lived in Zelah until 1957 and indeed remember the Sunday School.
    I cannot remember the name of the cottage we lived in but I remember the name of the man I believe to be the farmer that being Mr Golly and a Mrs Prouse being a freind of the family. Any bells?

    1. Lovely to see these images Marjorie. I spent 2 weeks on holiday with my foster parents in the mid to late 1960’s and have never forgotten the village and paid a trip back their around 10 or more years later with a pal. When I stayed with my parents we lived in a beautiful thatched cottage next to the church which was across the road from the pub. I now live in Edinburgh and have not been back to the West Country for around 40 years but I’m sure it is still as beautiful as I remember. Regards Keith Parker.

      1. I think that might be Rose Cottage that is next to the Mission Hall but across the road from the pub. I will take a photo for you.

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