Goonhavern Village Park

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Goonhavern Village Park was built on the “filled in” Railway Cutting that went through the center of the Village between Newquay side of Derek Scott’s Garden Patch through the Park, Carriage Park, Under the main road Perranwell side of Reen Cross Road during 1905 to 1963.

The land between Halt Road and Bridge Road was purchased in 1975 for a nominal sum of under £300 from British Rail and was duly “filled in” and a playing field surrounded by trees with some play equiptment was born. Over the years different volunteers have tried to maintain the now “Park” but a lack of funding was always a concern.

In 2004-5 the park became under the authority of the Parish Council and the Charity Commission. The new committee formed in about 2008 started to revamp the park, with a major landscaping project involving tree felling, removal of tree stumps and landscaping down the left hand side nearest Potters Mews, with new fencing erected on both sides of the park, and re planting of trees and shrubs.

A new committee is now busy being involved in upgrading the old facilities and the site, with funds raised in excess of £100,000. The following photos shows what work has been carried out in the past 12 months. More work is to be carried out as funds become available.

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