Shepherds Station – Treamble Mineral Line – Gravel Hill Tramway 

Treamble Mineral Line – Railway going past Cornwall’s oldest Mine – Wheal Mexico.

Treamble Mineral Railway with Wheal Mexico Engine House in the background. Wheal Mexico was Cornwall’s oldest mine, with the first shaft being sunk in 1550.

4 thoughts on “Shepherds Station – Treamble Mineral Line – Gravel Hill Tramway ”

  1. Can you confirm that this picture is of Wheal Mexico engine house as I thought that this was Peru mine along the Treamble railway?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Will, No this is definitely Wheal Mexico, I don’t have any photos of Peru Mine or Duchy Peru. It is listed as Wheal Mexico in Mining book by L J Buller local authority.

  2. The railway in this picture was first opened from Shepherds out to Gravel Hill in 1874 but was cut back to Treamble in 1888. The line was closed in 1917 and the rails were lifted and sent to France to help the war effort. Then, in 1926, due to an upturn in the mineral market, the line was re-opened. The last train ran in the summer of 1949 and the railway was finally closed on 1 January 1952 and the rails lifted for the final time during 1956.

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