Goonhavern Post Office; Goonhavern Stores & Bridge Stores

Goonhavern Ye Olde Stores, Perranwell Road, Goonhavern – Circa 1960′s

Then owned by Oscar & Winnie Grigg (brother & sister) followed lastly by Mr & Mrs Betty Chandler before demolition in early 1970’s.

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  1. Looks to me like this is a photo from 1967 or ’68. My family bought the shop from Winnie Grigg in 1965. The lettering above the shop windows was done by my grandfather, Bill Chandler in late ’65 or early ’66.
    Over the next few years there were a series of bad road accidents involving traffic at the crossroad – cars from Newquay often reached this part of the village traveling too fast. Around March 1967 a driver came through from Newquay, hit six cars and finally hit the shop nose-on. The car hit the bubble-gum machine that was on the wall under the protruding Off Licence sign to the left of the old building, almost chopping it in two. (By the the time this picture was taken we had removed it.)The car span and the driver was thrown out of the rear window into the road, along with his fishing gear, including handfuls of fish-hooks. My grandmother nursed him in the road before an ambulance arrived, and when I got home from school the road was still littered with hooks and all our cushions were in the dustbin soaked with blood. The driver made an almost full recovery.
    But because of this series of accidents, Cornwall Highways decided to demolish the shop and Jack and Joy Buzza’s house and widen the road.
    WE moved to the new shop at Easter 1971, and this building was demolished shortly afterwards.
    The old part – on the right hand side – was part of a farmhouse dating from the 18th century, I think.

    1. Thanks for the information Stephen, as you know it was my granny’s and great granny’s shop from 1894 onwards. I remember that accident I think, got a feeling on way on the way home from school, by then I was down at the Post Office on the other side of the road. On a historical note it was shocking they were allowed to demolish the premises, today it would have been listed for sure like the chapel etc. Your memory has given me more exact dates. I was going by my memory which seems to play tricks on years. I remember your sister Karen better as you were older than me.

  2. Another building that should never have been demolished! What were the councillors etc thinking of at the time?

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