Goonhavern Post Office; Goonhavern Stores & Bridge Stores

Aerial view of Old Goonhavern Post Office & Stores, Perranwell Road, Goonhavern – Circa 1963

Now just a Stores owned by Miss Winnie Grigg. Note behind the building is the remains of the Railway line and cutting before being filled in and Carriage Parc being built on it in the 1970′s.

4 thoughts on “Goonhavern Post Office; Goonhavern Stores & Bridge Stores”

    1. May have been a bit tricky going through the undergrowth. I remember trying to do the same from opposite my old home the Post Office as a boy. But I remember standing on the Bridge at Halt Road and down by Derek Rule’s and looking over at the trains.

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