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  1. Fascinating
    For many years I have been working on an attempt to make an accurate construction of all the lost railways; this all started when I discovered that when trying to walk the lines using GPS I could never find sufficiently accurate coordinates to identify the track beds. My solution was to extract these coordinates from the marvellous National Library of Scotland who have digitised a whole series of OSGB maps. Most of my extractions are taken from the 25 inch 1892-1914 series and for later railways I use the OS 1:10,560 1949-1969 set. Of course earlier lines closed before the 1880’s are a problem (easier with Scotland where I can usually get back to the 1850’s). Once extracted I transfer the coordinates to Memory Map and can then view them on a whole series of modern OSGB maps, the 1:50,000 gives a nice overview of the whole line and the 2.5 mile to the inch is ideal when walking. Everything is transferred to GPS but for really accurate work the 1:10,000 Street view is ideal. With this I can search out the site of engine houses, goods sheds etc, even turntables and cranes and the accuracy is such that I can even differentiate between the up lines and down lines.
    I plan to go down to Cornwall once this wretched Corona virus has subsided and do some walking on the old mineral lines but I must admit that finding info on the Gravel Hill Tramway is a problem. Your site is by far the best I have found but I must say I am struggling to read the lettering on this page! Is it possible that you could email me an enlargement?
    For my part If I can assist by sending a print of any particular line that interests you I would be only too happy to do so.

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