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Goonhavern & District Old Cornwall Society

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Our winter meetings are held at The Village Hall, usually on the last Friday of the month.


“Down your Way”

Our September meeting will take place on friday 30th, when the speaker will be Emma Trevarthen on the subject of:


Members annual subscriptions will be due at £5.00 per member, visitors will be made very welcome at a charge of £1.00, a reminder that the village hall has a large car park and full disabled access.

John Jackett – Chairman,

(4, Rose Meadows, Goonhavern TRURO TR4 9LB – 01872 572449)


10 thoughts on “Old Cornwall Society”

  1. Hi, I am looking at the Old Cornwall Society picture above, and am wondering whether Nancy and Peter Greenwood still reside in the Goonhavern area? It has been many years since I have seen them. Thanks for your help

  2. Hello, could you please tell me whether Mr William Curnow who was Headmaster at Goonhavern in 1956 then went on to be Headmaster at Ludgvan near Penzance? I went to Ludgvan school from 1961 to 1964 so remember a William Curnow as headmaster, but he looked very different to that picture? Hoping someone can help me.

    1. Hi Kate, No not the same man, William Curnow was at St Allen first before coming to Goonhavern in 1950 and stayed here until retiring in 1974 and living in the village till his death.

  3. I`m hoping you can help me locate a place my mother, who is almost 84 years old, used to visit on her holidays in the 1930`s. As far as I can tell from what my mother recalls, it was called Mewtons Farm and was somewhere in the Goonhavern area. If the buildings still exist and I knew where they are located, I could take some photo`s of the place the next time I`m down your way. I know my mother would like to see some pictures of how the place looks now to compare with the old black and white ones she has from when she was a girl. Thanking you in anticipation of any help you can give. Kind regards, Jonathan Preece.

    1. Hi Jonathan, The only Mewton’s I can think of is the farm at Zelah (Marazanvose actually), 2 miles from us in Goonhavern. The owner is Gordon Mewton, and a Reg Mewton used to come down Goonhavern to have a game of snooker, he served in WW1, gives you an idea of ages. If you have a photo of the farm, send it to me and I will post on our Facebook page, there are some older Zelah people on it. [email protected]

      1. Hello Derek. Thank you for your assistance. I will see if I can get some of the old photo`s from my mother. I will scan them and email them directly to you. regards, Jon.

    2. Hi, my Mother who is 85 was evacuated to Zelah when she
      was 8 and remembers the farm she stayed at called, the cost
      is lost Farm, and has fond memories of her time there leaving
      when she was 12 years old, that would have been 1939 to 1943,
      hope this is of interest to you.

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