Mining in our Area

Lambriggan Mine – 1928. By this time the portable engine and Sykes plant had been superseded by a very small horizontal steam winding engine, said by the late Jack Trounson to have been the most diminutive first motion winder that he had ever seen!

In addition there was a horizontal engine formerly at the Kingsdown Mine, Hewas Water, driving the Cornish pitwork and a further horizontal engine driving the compressor. Steam for these engines was now provided by adequate permanent boiler capacity. On the extreme left of the scene are new foundations for a steam capstan which had previously been on the Engine shaft of East Pool Mine, near Redruth. To serve this new capstan a one-legged shears was built with the other end of the cap piece resting on the main frame of the headgear. Concurrent with this work the two compartment Main shaft was stripped down on the south side to provide a further hoisting compartment and more economical balanced winding.

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