Goonhavern School Classes – 1980

Goonhavern School Class – 1980 – Mr Delbridge’s Class

Back Row: Unknown, Ian Long, Lisa Delbridge, Anneli Tremain, Susan Pearce, Peter Merritt, Stuart Faulds, Richard Hallett, Mr Tom Delbridge (Headmaster).

3rd Row: Unknown, Rebecca Dimsey, Julia Pascoe, Susan Powell, Mark Fairhurst, Tracey Green, Donna Stroud, David Tonkin, Natasha Webb, Hamish Cameron.

2nd Row: Michael Slater, Matthew Lowe, Gareth Taylor, Andrew Rosevear, Tanya Coleman, Sarah East, James Leslie, David Sowden, Lee Skinner, Tracey Woods.

Front Row: Ian Crewes, Craig Scott.

3 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – 1980”

  1. Re. Back row: George Coulthard?

    I’m not in the photo by 1980 I was at Treliske. Recognise a lot of the faces though.

  2. The girls in the back row are Lisa Delbridge, Anneli Tremain and Susan Pearce. Third from left on the middle row is Susan Powell, in the middle is Tracey Green and the last three are David Tonkin, Natasha Webb and Hamish Cameron. James Leslie is fourth from the right on the front row.

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