Central Stores; Masters Garage & Henry Richards/Raymond Ellery Carpenters Shop

Fredliz (Masters) Garage – 1936

Frederick (Fred) Masters & his wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) standing outside the garage.

3 thoughts on “Central Stores; Masters Garage & Henry Richards/Raymond Ellery Carpenters Shop”

  1. Frederick William Masters b 1889 St Stephens died 1941 Goonhavern. He was my grandfather’s younger brother. He married Lizzie in 1934 and indeed died when Philip was 2 and Margaret was 6. Lizzie was a strong character and managed the whole thing single handed – as someone said – no mean feat!

  2. I don’t remember Fred Masters because I’m too young & I think he died before I was born in 1974. In my day, Lizzie was still there and Phil Masters, her son was the main mechanic I think. I remember visiting the garage many times with dad when I was a boy.

    1. See my other comment, I didn’t know Fred either but I managed to find out he died in the early part of WW2, about 1941 or 1942 from memory. So Lizzie brought up Philip and Margaret and ran the garage quite a feat.

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