Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1932

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1932 – Mr Crabb’s Class

Back Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bernard Piper, Fred Bennetts, Cecil Parnell, Sydney Retallick, Unknown, Unknown, Mr Leslie Crabb (Teacher).

Middle Row: Alfred (Dank) Flamank, Phyllis Payling, Rose Martin, Joan Rowe?, Unknown, Jean Pearson, Eric Kempthorne, Unknown.

Front Row: Fred Harding, Muriel Westcott, Gwen Morgan, Edna Trenerry, Unknown, Verona Philp, Jessie Varker.

2 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1932”

  1. I was thrilled to see my Father – Frederick Bennetts in the photo. My Father started school in Ironwood, Michigan where my Grandparents, Christopher Giles Bennetts and his wife Elizabeth (nee Batten) went over to make a new life for themselves with Dad’s sisters, Muriel and Edith.

  2. You can certainly pick Dank (Alfred Flamank) out in a crowd even today! He’s 93 in January and still going strong. Of course, he later served in the Merchant Navy during World War Two and still enjoys a tot or two of rum on a Friday night at Rose Institute to this day!

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