Goonhavern School Classes – 1972-73

Goonhavern School Class – 1972-73

Back Row: Tracy Lloyd, Sonia Woods, Penny Baker, Lynn Sampson, Monica Rice, Richard Hoskings, Michael Carolan, Paula Bray, Warren Nicholls, Nichola Nicholls, Jason Bailey, Gloria Bennetts.

Middle Row: John Pearce, Karl Wiesmath, Joan Butler?, Toni ?, Jeremy Ball, Debbie Eastwood, Martin Mellor,
Mark Brailsford, Rachel Merry, Andrea Solway, Melanie Carter, Catherine Roevear, Simon Healey.

Front Row: Teresa James, Debbie Rowling, Michael Squance, Michael Harper, Peggy Thomas, Rebecca Lesley,
Donna Hicks, Simon Warne, Martin Miller, William Paul, Mark Hendry, Caterina Dutch.

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