Goonhavern School Classes – 1956

Goonhavern School Class – 1956

Back Row: Jacqueline Flamank, Ruth Kenward, Kay Thomas, Pat Trevethan, Jacqueline Richards, Sylvia Eley, Jocelyn Knott, Marlene Roberts.

3rd Row: Barry Eley, Michael Keast, Carol Hebblewhite, Lorraine Harvey, Pat Finnemore, Carol Pedlar, Gloria Bilkey, Daphne James, Angela Greet, Fred Carpenter, Kenneth Brown.

2nd Row: William Powell, Brian May, Kelvin Solway, Colin Oakes, Tommy Oulds, Brian Lawrence, Ashley White, Robert Whitfield, John Bidwell.

Front Row: Terry Stephens, Adrian Greet, David May, Michael Dodson, Lance Dyer, Kenneth Pascoe, Alan Nicholls.

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