Road Signs & Business Signs in Goonhavern

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This page shows Road Signs & Business Signs within the village of Goonhavern.

Road Signs:

BRIDGE ROAD: So named as there were three bridges when the railway was operative, the cutting ran from the first bridge on Perranwell Road (one metal part still visible), the second bridge was by the now Bridge Stores and the third just by Goonhavern Halt.

HALT ROAD: The steam train which travelled between CHACEWATER AND NEWQUAY called at Goonhavern Halt which was situated about 100 yards along the road towards the A 30, it was originally a hump bridge as there was a bridge on the Perranwell side of the track just before the train stopped at Goonhavern Halt, The Line closed in 1963 on the instructions of a Mr Beeching ( Minister of Transport) at the time.

POLLARDS CLOSE: When the close was built by Truro Rural District Council (Carrick District Council) Mr Arthur Paul Grubb was Chairman of the Council so he named the Close, it being his wife’s maiden name, Miss Gertie Pollard and her sister Miss Madge Pollard came to Goonhavern Council School to teach in about 1920 and married two brothers Arthur & Percy Grubb.

ROSE MEADOWS: The land between Rosehill and the Goonhavern School was grazing pasture with a barn and pond alongside the road about l00 yards up the hill from the New Inn. The bungalow development commenced in the early 1960’s.

Business Signs:

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