Goonhavern School Classes – 1985

Goonhavern School Class – 1985

Back Row: Helen Euden; Claire Hawkey; Kerry Machen; Leanne Stapleton; Sarah Brokenshire; Jo Payne; Liz Golley; Debbie Adams; Marah Adams; Sarah Kerkin; & Richard Vickery.

Middle Row: Giles Raine; Jo McKinley; Belinda Pearce; Ben Opie; Matt Robinson; Neil Salt?; Jonathan Griffiths; Carlton Lutey; Paula Lloyd; Natasha Gutridge; Andrew Blight & Daniel Bishop?

Front Row: Zoe Williams; Luanne Nicholls; Simon Glaville; Carl Stirrup?, Aaron Lammin; Mark Hennessey?; Cathy Luke & Kristy Halford.

3 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – 1985”

  1. Back Row L to R:- Helen Euden, Claire Hawkey, Kerry Machen, Rachel Keast?, Sarah Penellum, Jo Payne, Liz Golley, Debbie Adams, Marah Adams, Sarah Kerkin, Richard Vickery.
    Middle Row L to R :- Giles Raine, Jo McKinley, Belinda Pearce, Ben Opie, Matt Robinson, Neil Salt?, Jonathan Griffiths, Carlton Lutey, Paula Lloyd, Natasha Gutridge, Andrew Blight, Daniel Bishop?
    Front Row L to R :- Zoe Williams, Luanne Nicholls, me, Carl Stirrup?, Aaron Lammin, Mark Hennessey?, Cathy Luke, Kristy Halford.

    If anyone can correct me on the ones I’m not sure of, please feel free to.

  2. Surely you can recognise the little chap with ginger hair in the front row Derek? 😂😂

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