Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1959-60

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1959-60 – Mr Curnow’s Class

Back Row: Mr William Curnow (Headmaster), David Penna, Kenneth Menhenett, Unknown, Nigel Bennetts, Eunice Hutchinson, Lynette Pedlar, Bridget Williams, Lorna Nicholls, Shauna Dawson, Lesley Marsden, Graham Lavin, David Buscombe, Peter Finnemore, Graham Jose.

Middle Row, Anne Keast, Vivianne Thomas, Julia Arthur, Gillian Perry, Ann Lawrence, Marilyn Curnow (Headmaster’s Daughter), Linda Arthur, Elizabeth Osborne, Cynthia Kempthorne, Rosemary Lee, Maureen Colwill.

Front Row: Richard Penna, Tony Arthur, Colin Rule?, Godfrey Carpenter, Edward Powell.

3 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1959-60”

  1. Back Row far Right is Graham Jose (Stephen and Linda’s brother).
    Front Row far Right is Edward Powell (Martin’s older brother).

  2. Back row is David Penna? Lesley Marsden next to Graham Lavin and on the other side is David Buscombe and Peter Finnamore . Middle row next to Gillian is Ann Lawrence and next to Elizabeth Osborne is Cynthia Kempthorne. Front row next to Martin Powell is Godfrey Carpenter.

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