Goonhavern School Classes – 1897

Goonhavern School Classes – 1897 – Mr Tresidder’s Class

Back Row: E Stephens, B Hooper, Mary Kempthorne, A Borlase, M Hooper, L Benney, Annie Tresidder, C Menadue, L Jacka, B Davis & Amy Ford.

3rd Row: W Batten, W Tamblyn, W Powell, A Nicholls, M Little, W House, W Kent, J Tremewan, C Pedlar, W Bennetts, J Nicholls & M Uglow.

2nd Row: F Varker, S J Daddow, H Lobb, John Tresidder, J Pedlar, H Hill, E Kent, N Glanville, Tom Tremewan, R George, B Woodward, & K Clapham?

Front Row: A Batten, A Sobey, M Trevethan, N Buddell, B Bodilly, A Baker, D Benney & W H Eplett.

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