Perranwell to Goonhavern Halt to Shepherds Station

View of Goonhavern from Halt Road – Hump Back Bridge – Circa 1935-36

View into village showing just two bungalows on the left, Central Stores at the road junction, The Cottages (one used to be a Kiddlywink) on the right and Goonhavern Chapel and Sunday School from Hump Back Bridge. This bridge was demolished in 1983, would have been a natural speed detterent today.

A Kiddlywink was an old name for a Cornish beer shop or beer house, which became popular after the 1830 beer act. They were licensed to sell beer or cider by the Customs & Excise rather than by a Magistrate’s Licence which was required by traditional Taverns and Inns. They were reputed to be the haunts of smugglers and often had an unmarked bottle of spirits under the counter. Farm labourers could receive beer instead of their wages.

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