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    1. My Grand Parents lived in Higher Fore Street Redruth Mary and Bill Williams. My Grandmother would organise coach trips . The Coaches she always used was Tremains of Zelah . Growing up in the late 60s and early 70s Travelled many miles on Tremains Coaches. Day trips around Cornwall & Devon and the occasional Mystery Tour. Evening Trips to a seaside Cornish village with of course fish and chips and the sing song on the way home which consisted mostly of the singing of Hymns associated with Cornwall. Always remember the trips to Mousehole for the Carolaire and the turning on of the lights on the hillside and again signing the Hymns associated with the sea. Longer trips I remember was one to see The Lions Of Longleat. Weekend trips to Bournemouth, Brighton, London and Blackpool. On the visit to Longleat I spent all my pocket money on a safari hat. On the journey home this hat got sucked out one of the side windows on the coach the coach was brought to a halt and my Dad ran back along the road to retrieve it. In doing so he fell over on the grass verge and sprained his ankle he hobbled back onboard and we continued home needless to say I was not in his good books ! The roads were much quieter in those days and one of Edgar the drivers tricks was to go right round the roundabout at least once that woke everybody up and got them talking. I can remember my Grandmother sitting at the dinning room table with a big book and taking money from her regulars so they could pay for the longer trips in instalments. Such happy childhood Memories George Nolan Plymouth

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