5 thoughts on “Rose & Surrounding Hamlets”

  1. Local children,myself included,spent many long hours playing in and around the ford here.
    Mr.Manning taught me to drive so many years ago.

  2. I remember playing here as a young lad, my family Les Manning was a local Perranporth driving instructor, my sister Jane Manning and I went to Goonhavern Primary school, my grandparents Mr George and Mrs Enid Tuson lived in the miners cottage near our bungalow in the valley and were founding members of Perranporth Gliding Club.

    1. My parents were very good friends of your grandparents. Was it true that Enid was an indian princess? My mother still talks about her. My father was John Mason and my Mother at the time would have been known to them as Victoria Mason although she has since remarried and is still alve living in Italy. They lived in Bristol. I have some photos of your grandparents from the 50’s/60’s .

      Sally Ronchetti (nee Mason)

  3. This area has grown in a lot in the last 30 years or so. When I was a boy, it was possible to walk along the river on both sides of the road for a short distance. A feat that is totally impossible these days sadly. The green area from which the photograph is taken has also shrunk dramatically recently.

    1. I remember as a boy myself and a pal were playing down in the river as you could do then, and we made a small fire on the river bank and the dried out reeds caught fire, panic !! we put the fire out luckily with the stream so close.

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