3 thoughts on “Callestick, Penhallow, Perranwell, Perranzabuloe & Ventongimps”

  1. How I walked passed those pines on my treck to Penwartha school across the fields at Penhallow crossroads
    was scolded at school for letting rabits out of of Jethrows gins Jack Payne used to give you a whistle and a smile when entering the shop spent hrs watching the blacksmith
    shoeing carthorses

  2. The large building in the middle of the photo is the ‘Plume of Feathers’ a former ‘Devenish’ pub now closed and converted to housing. The building to the left of the former pub was Penhallow forge, demolished in around 1970 to make way for a car park for the pub. The pub was originally two separate dwellings with a cottage to the left of the main entrance door as we look at it in the photo. The cottage was incorporated into the pub, again in around 1970, and became part of the public bar. To the right of the Plume was a storage building used by Mr Stanley Dyer to keep amongst other things, his chicken feed, (the chicken run was at the rear of the building), and next to that was the shop and post office run by Mr.Jack Payne. Opposite is a house called ‘Elmsleigh’ built in around 1900 by Mr Trebilcock which my father purchased from his daughter in the early 1960’s. The line of very fine Scots pines running along the top of the photo mark the road to Callestick…..a feature I always remember when I was a child growing up there….sad to say that there are only about 3 left now.

    1. We have been at Elmsleigh for about 6 years now! If you have any other old photos or information about it we would love to see them! I expect it’s looking a bit different from when you were living here….

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