Zelah & Surrounding Hamlets

Mothers Pride Salesman’s Retirement Party in Zelah Sunday School

Back Row; N.Jewell, Miss Davis, Mrs x Davis, M.Sampson, M.Menheniott, Mrs C.Kirkin, C.Kirkin, Mrs x Grigg, M.Chivers, N.Curgenwin, D.Curgenwin, Mrs x Francis, B.Arthur, Mrs A.Chapman, Mrs P.Williams, Mrs A.Tretheway.

3rd Row: G. Penellum, Mrs J.Deacon, Mrs A. Mewton, Gordon Mewton, Will Tremain, x Tretheway, B. Hoskin, M. Arthur, B. Arthur, Mrs x Hinton, Mrs E.Moses, Mrs T.Rabey, Mrs H.Rabey, G. Lutey.

2nd Row: x Bennetto, L. Arthur, Mrs A.Arthur, Mrs G.Penellum, Mother’s Price Delivery Driver & his Wife, Mrs N.Jewell, Mrs M.Grigg.

Front Row: Miss Penellum, x Penellum, M.Redaway, Melissa Redaway, M.Rabey, F.Rabey, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

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