Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1989-90

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1989-90 – Mrs Hoskings & Mrs Tomlinson’s Class

Back Row: Ben Spear, Graham Gadsby, Michelle White, Demelza Warrener, Lucy ?, Sophie Yeatman, Nick Hill.

3rd Row: Mrs Hoskings (Teacher), Kate Jose, David McCaskie, Kelly Walters, Rachel Currah, Sarah Orme, Nathan Eade, Monica Buscombe, Mrs Tomlinson (Teacher).

2nd Row: Leslie Wiseman, Paul Moustrides, Unknown, Edwin Randell, Lorna Hicks, Justin Male.

Front Row: Lucy Mather, Dan Laszczak, Hayley Babcock, Paul Saggers, Neil Currah, Matthew Ansell, Matthew Bulford.

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