Goonhavern School Classes – 1977

This photo was apparently taken in celebration of the School's 100th Centenary, showing Mr Tom Delbridge Headmaster, his Staff and pupils.

Goonhavern School Photo – School Centenary – March 1977 – 206 Children & 16 Staff

Back Row: Robin Hawkey; Nicholas Colwill; Sean Thomas; Paul Nicholls; Carl Merry; Anthony Buzza; Angus Wright; Simon Lowe; John Rosevear; Christopher Raine; Martin Mellor; Ian Hilton; Andrew Delbridge; Nicholas Bailey; Leonard Eley; Marion Blackman; Angela Finch; Janine Carolan; Alison Holmes; Sharon Cook; Linda Brett; Rosamund Chellew; Hayley Haylor; Karen Rabey; Deborah Eastwood; Shaun Lee; Andrew Solway.

6th Row: Peter Glanville; Simon Bowden; Grgory Symonds; Christian Rusden; Warren Nicholls; Andrea Solway; Monica Rice; Lynn Sampson; Richard Hoskings; Darren Carveth; Mark Hendry; Jason Bailey; Simon Wame; Peter Bennetts; Catherine Rosevear; Rachel Merry; John Pearce; Rita Powell; Gillian Cox; Wayne Lye; Fiona Cameron; Colin Williams; Robert Hattam; Colin Bray; Patricia Hoskings; Deboran Crewes; Samantha Yaffe; Lisa Thipthorp; Andrew Moses; Karl Wiesmath.

5th Row: Jeremy Ball; Andrew Nicholls; Martin Miller; Alan Bowden; Andrew Rice; James Carolan; Michael Payne; Michael Squance; Paul Finch; Helen Spriggs; Susanne Strongman; Katrina Dutch; Diane Bentley; Teresa James; Joanna Strout; Maria Squance; Lisa Merry; Bridget Robathon; Simon Eley; Helen Whitford; Donna Hicks; Dylan Browne; Matthew Buzza; Caroline Menhenett; Julia Beddoes; Richard Dutch; Michelle Harper; Timothy Hattam; Jason Brownes;Matthew Lusty; Robert Hoskings; Paul Kerkin; Peter Merritt; Rebecca Leslie; Jane Anderson; Alexia Proctor.

4th Row: Richard Webster; Stuart Hendry; Simon Rickeard; Spencer Lloyd; William Powell; Richard Anstis; Simon Powell; Kevin Tonkin; Christopher Trevethan; Sonya Woods; Jane Dennis; Ivan Chandler; Tracey Lloyd; Alison Tonkin; Rachel Piper; Tracey Webster; Philip Haylor; Gloria Bennetts; Sandra Taylor; Debbie Rowling; Anne Merritt; Kim Lewis-Williams; Penny Baker ;Paul Trewartha; Joanne Long; Jackie Foster; Marcus Pethick; Christopher Brett; Peter Lye; Lisa Dennis.

3rd Row: David Tonkin; Lisa Delbridge; Melanie Anderson; Marie Trevail; Natasha Webb; Anneli Tremain; Tracey Green; Susan Hoskings; Lisa Whitfield; Mrs Manfield; Mrs Whitford; Mrs Nicholls; Mrs Pedlar; Mrs Jose; Mrs Jose; Mr Rule; Mr Delbridge; Miss Heather; Miss Grant; Mrs Delbridge; Mr Rowe; Mrs Delbridge; Miss Ince; Mrs Rouse; Mrs Bowden; Sarah Taylor; Susan Pearce; Hamish Cameron; James Leslie; David Sowden; Ian Crewes.

2nd Row: Mark Fairhurst; Ben Matthew; George Coulthard; Julie Cottingham; Susan Powell; Tracey Woods; Gareth Taylor; Ian Long; Donna Strout; Maria James; Maria Nicholls;Wayne Fairhurst; Martin Griffin; Stewart Faulds; Ian Kerkin; Rachel Baker; Alastair Chivers; Craig Scott; Jason Buzza; Sharon Opie; Rachel Hendry; Sarah Firbank; Catherine Watkins; Michael Menhenett; James Beddoes; Joel McChrystal; Gary Hoskings; Dione Browne; David Eastwood; Tony Stephens; Karen Brett; Simon King; Matthew Lowe; Rebecca Sleeman; Sally Strongman; Michael Slater.

Front Row: Nicholas White; Tristan Kimber; Stuart Lemon; Lynn Cottingham; Simon Penellum; Sophie Symons; Tanya Richards; Peter Golley; Kevin Rice; Lucey Trevethan; Lynda Pethick; Maria Williams; Darren Basset; Mark Trewartha; Shelley Buzza; Jackie Buzza; Vashti Lewis-Williams; Michaela Dean; Helen Raine; Brenda Long; Emma Sawmy; Daniel Trevail; Paul Lye; Joanne Opie; Mark Stephens; Gary Stephens; Sarah Bilkey; Michael Adams; Gary Rice; Tracey Allen; Raphael Nagappa; Nicola Penrose; Katherine Selby.

4 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – 1977”

  1. This can’t be 1980 as I’ve found myself (Penny Baker standing between/behind Mrs Delbridge and Miss Ince) in the photo and I left the school in 1979. I would guess this was taken either 1978 or 1979. Happy days! A wonderful school and this photo and the many others I’ve seen tonight bring back so many very happy memories.

  2. This picture was taken in 1977. I think it was to celebrate the school’s centenary. We were all given centenary mugs made by Kernewek Pottery. Still got mine!

  3. I remember talking to Derek Rule in the New Inn once when he told me the Tom Delbridge used to refer to him sometimes as “Uncle Rule”.

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