Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1907-1910

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1907 – 1910 – Mr Tresidder’s Class

Back Row: Maggie Watts nee Veal, Unknown, Mary Ann Martin nee Godfrey, Mabel House nee Rowland, Beatrice May Morgan nee Davis, Olive Piper nee Penna, Amy May nee Penna.

Middle Row: Ivy Mitchell nee Penna, Unknown, Gwendoline May Trebilcock, Martha May Salmon nee Tippett, Emma Louisa Glanville, Florence Watson, Unknown, Mrs Jane Grigg, Ida Westlake nee Bown.

Front Row: ? Woodward, Florrie Trevethan nee Kendall, May Osborne, Rhoda Alberta Kessell nee Preston, Nellie Pascoe nee Rowland, Mr William Tresidder (Headmaster), Unknown, Millie Nicholls nee Tremain, Eveline Harry nee Osborne, ? Woodward, Alice Murray nee Sara, Mildred Hooper nee Penna, Florence Willey nee Glanville.

3 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1907-1910”

  1. Martha May Salmon, nee Tippett is my grandmother on my mothers side

    Martha May Tippett married William John Salmon, and had 7 children. Kathleen, Olive Pamela (my mum), Thelma, Lenna, John, and Jean. The youngest would have been Arthur, who died soon after birth.

  2. Emma Glanville in the middle row was a great aunt of mine who I remember living in a wooden bungalow somewhere around the institute in the late 1970s. She lived until 1979. And Florence Glanville (Willey) I always used to call her Auntie Florrie. When I knew her, she lived in the flats opposite the shoppers car park in Truro. She died aged 88 in 1982 and Olive Penna (Piper) used to say 50 years before she died, “I was some bad in the night. I thought I was going to die!”. That finally happened in 1994 just short of her 100th birthday. By this time, she’d outlived her own daughter Rose Piper as well.

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