Road Signs & Business Signs in Goonhavern

Goonhavern Industrial Estate Sign Goonhavern – Circa 1998

This was the site of the C.S.O.S. Radio Station built in World War 2 and reported to G.C.H.Q. It continued into the late 60’s & 70’s.

2 thoughts on “Road Signs & Business Signs in Goonhavern”

  1. Hi All
    Used to live on the old csos station in 1967 just before it closed ………..
    j t smith

    1. John don’t suppose you have any photos of the place. My father installed the Radio equiptment into the Radio Station & local sites back during WW2, he also installed stations in Scotland & Norway. He settled down here after the war, and married my mother, hence me came along. I was in the same class at Goonhavern with Margaret & Caroline.

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