Goonhavern Football Club

Goonhavern AFC – The Dunn Cup Wiiners 1946

Back Row: Richard (Dick) Perry, 1st left is Gordon Richards, 4th left Jacko Stephens, 5th Left Joe Stephens.

Front Row: Unknown, John Perry (son of Dick Perry), Albert (Bert) Perry (son of Dick Perry), Hudson Penna, Dinky Stephens (captain), Ron (Ronnie) Richards, Artie Richards (brother of Ronnie), Arthur Grubb (kneeling).

The team played in a blue & white strip.

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  1. Apologies Derek for the late reply. Firstly I do have a copy of the original Goonhavern AFC (as does Keith Richards) I also have an electronic copy scanned in. I have a number of other photos related to Goonhavern, mostly the school. My Mum (Olive) went to the school & I have a photo of her with the whole class & she told me the names of all but two of her class, amazing as she was 94 yrs at the time (80 yrs after the photo was taken) I have another photo with Hudson Penna in and some of our family when we went to Goonhavern. Finally I can confirm that we have a fourth generation of the family currently attending the school, not a Perry. Give me a call if you want a copy of these photos.

    1. Hi Clive
      I write a blog about Cornish football and I’m planning on doing a piece about Goonhavern. I’m very much interested in the history of clubs and it looks as though you have a wealth of material. Would you be happy for me to use some photos and tell me more about the club’s history?
      Darren Luke

  2. Rather luckily I still have an original photo of the 1946 team, my Dad on front row (John Perry) & Uncle Bert. I remember as a lad meeting Hudson Penna & hearing about his football talents from Dad. Also remember Ronnie Richards, still friends with his son Keith, Ronnie worked dow at the Water Works at Treamble where we lived. Great archive.

    1. Thanks for the note Clive. The picture I have is of a newspaper cutting so if you have a copy of your photo and would be kind enough to email me I could replace this old one. Yes Ron Richards became a postman at Goonhavern working for my mother Mary Rodda nee Stephens and as a boy I used to go out with various postmen and postladies on my bike or ride in the van/car. One postman was a Chris Dennis from Treamble, I remember as a boy one year probably xmas time I went out into the garage which was the sorting office with 5 postmen, and was probably mucking about and they put me in a parcel sack which was huge then, things we got up to.

      1. Hi Derek
        I do a blog about Cornish football and was hoping to do a piece about Goonhavern. I’m very much interested in the clubs’ history, and you seem to have a wealth of material. Would you be happy to share some photos and tell me more about the history of the club?
        Darren Luke

        1. Hi Darren, I only have these few photos, I was hoping to put more on but many are on the walls of the Football Club. The best person to speak to is eith Mike (Shiner) Jane or Willie Hosking/Darran Stephens.

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