Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1958

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1958

Back Row: Angelina Jane, Dulcie Penna, Heather Nicholls, Unknown, Unknown.

3rd Row: Peter Dodson, Anthony Dodson, Martin Powell, Jane Williams, Brenda Retallick, Katrina Bartle, Diane or Kathleen Bilkey, Lindsay Perry, Philip Harvey, Anthony Rainbow, Stephen Chandler.

2nd Row: Unknown, Unknown, Jim Philp, Stewart Jane, Unknown, Nigel Rickard, John Marks.

Front Row: Brian Keast?, Michael Atkins, Lionel Trevail, Anthony Jose ?, Nigel Spargo, Stephen Jose, Robert Mewton.

2 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1958”

  1. Hello, Derek. Great to see a photo from late ’58 or early ’59.

    Here’s my four-pennorth:

    3rd Row left – Peter Dodson, Anthony Dodson, Martin Powell…Jane, Brenda…Katrina Bartle, Kathleen Bilkey?… Lindsay… Philip Harvey… Anthony, me (‘ph’ not ‘v’)

    2nd Row next to John Marks is Nigel Rickard.

    Front Row: is that Anthony Jose between Lionel Trevail and Nigel Spargo?

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