2 thoughts on “Road Signs & Business Signs in Goonhavern”

  1. The cutting edge (get it?) place to live in Goonhavern! Not entirely true I guess as some of them were built across the cutting I think.

    1. They were built on the edge and in the cutting. I remember them going up, and being sold as Luxury Houses for £149000. They were expensive back then compared to other houses and bungalows in the village. Trouble is now, there is not many people still around that can remember what Carriage Parc was back in 1970’s, I don’t expect anyone in Carriage Parc now were there all those years ago. I was talking to someone this weekend and he commented as an engineering factor land should settle for up to 80 years before building on. The houses went up in less than a decade I would have said. I remember the crack going from the roof on the gable end of Bridge Stores down to the pavement, that was after only a few years of being built in early 1970’s before C.P.

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