3 thoughts on “Callestick, Penhallow, Perranwell, Perranzabuloe & Ventongimps”

  1. An enquiry about Callestick (Calestock). I have founds old newspaper reports about The Albert Inn Calestock in the 1880s- does anyone know exactly where this Inn was or maybe this is the former name of The Plume of Feathers at Penhallow?
    Also are there any photos of the Callestick Wesleyan Chapel which was demolished in the 1970s.
    Thank you

    1. No it’s not The Plume of Feathers Penhallow, it was to become the Post Office at the turn of 1900. See link.

      No I don’t have any photos of Callestick Chapel.

  2. I am sure some of these children would be related to me on my grandmother’s side? Surname Roberts as she grew up in Callestick and her brothers were miners and worked on farms in the area.

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