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  1. evacuee that I was living with 2 doors up from the post office Elmsliegh then Jasmin cottages next door with the wonderfull (like so many other Cornish people)Katie Collins,Mrs Trelease was held in high regard throughout the community along with the pne box was the centre of the community
    lots of evacuees were welcomed in this wonderfull village one notable was Joan Regan who had hits in the 60s and 70s such wonderfull times
    with wonderfull Cornish people

  2. I don’t have the exact dates but my grandmother, Ivy Trelease, ran Callestick Post Office, also known as Verbena Cottage, ever since I was a child, up until the Post Office finally closed. The post office was the lower building on the right hand side of the photo. She originally ran the PO with her husband Fred and carried on running the PO after he died. She had three sons who all grew up in Callestick. My Father Matt(hew) was the eldest . When I was a child the cottage was lit by gas lights, had no running water or indoor plumbing. All the water came from the village pump just outside the cottage. The lavatory was a shed in the garden surrounded by a rather smelly cesspit!
    I had such happy times visiting Granny when I was a child, playing with my cousins up in the woods, messing about in the stream and scrumping apples. I was fascinated by the old graveyard, which at that time, still had the remains of the old Victorian Immortelles (ceramic flower arrangements in glass domes), all sadly vandalised and vanished later on.

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