Goonhavern School Classes – 2001

Goonhavern School Class – 2001 – Miss Dunn &

Back Row: Miss Rosemary Grant (Teacher), Curtis Kean, Unknown, Josie Skinner, Ryan Girling, Chris Doocey, Kelly Bennett, William Blunt, Jordan Cooke, Miss Dunn (Teacher).

3rd Row: Jack Wedlock, Sophie Travis, Sophie Dennett, Emma Bennett, Ryan Spray, Stephanie Edmunds, Mark Robbins.

2nd Row: Sam Moses, Sonny Mathews, Daniel Bentley Moult, Nicole East, Oliver Macfarlane, Tallon Grant, Joshua Hatchett, Unknown.

Front Row: Ryan Tonkin, Casey Hazel Brown, Sam Chivers, Alison Dunn.

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