Goonhavern School Classes – 1989-90

Goonhavern School Class – 1989-90 – Mrs Moore nee Howland’s Class

Back Row: Deborah Bulford, Morwenna DuLac, Zoe Sheridan, Tegan Eade, Jodie Whithers, Jess Lazsack.

3rd Row: – Lyndon Vague, Luke Howe, Lisa Brassington, Alexa Cuthell, Andrew Frith, Julian Yeo.

2nd Row: Grant ?, Josie Slater, Damienne Arthur, Laura Spear, Chris Greenwood, Carrie Bennett, Vicky Kent, Mrs Moore nee Howland (Teacher)

Front Row: Ian Barradell, Daniel Male, Eloise Lavender, Amanda Gibbs, Anna Trethewy, Sarah Barkle, Dominic Arquarti.

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