Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1970-71

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1970-71

Back Row: Unknown, Colin Whitford, Unknown, Margaret Mellor, Paul McDermott, Gary Rawlings, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Trevor Richards, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

Middle Row: Robert Powell, Karen Taylor, Angela ?, Julian Tredinnick, Allison Penna, Unknown, Unknown, Angela Trevail, Unknown, Unknown, Allison Penna, Jane Partridge.

Front Row: Unknown, Mark Lusty, Lindsay Retallick, Ruth Mole, Unknown, Unknown, Richard Eley, Unknown, Raymond Bennetts, Joe Trevethan, Debbie Richards?, Carole Nicholas, Paul Jeffery, Raymond Parkes.

2 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1970-71”

  1. Hi there

    Oh my goodness there I am 3rd from the right on the bottom row!!!!
    That’s more than 40 years ago,I just can’t believe it!!!!

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