Perranwell to Goonhavern Halt to Shepherds Station

Now hears a first. Yes the first train through Goonhavern in 1905

The locals are out in their Sunday best to greet it and many thanks to the unknown photographer for recording the scene. All of the fleet were built with four-wheel vertical-boiler power units and a four-wheel trailing bogie under the carriage. Driving wheels were from 3 ft 5in to 4 ft (1,041mm to 1,219mm); cylinders were from 9in × 15in to 12in × 16in (229mm × 381mm to 305mm × 406mm). Some dimensions were ¾ inch larger than shown in this table where figures have been rounded down to nearest inch. The train has the Number 18 on the side, This model was built to diagrams F, G, G1, 12 were made, numbers 17-28 built in 1904 and was 59.5 feet (18.1 m) long and 8.5 feet (2.6 m) wide.

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