Mining in our Area

Gravel Hill Mine – 1937 (Blown up by MOD in WW2)

Gravel Hill Mine was situated at the Northern end of Perran beach. This was one of the many mines developed on the Perran Iron Lode which outcrops in the cliffs near this scene. From here the lode has been traced eastwards for approximately four miles.

Among the captions for the Treamble mine photos contained in this volume reference is made to the railway branch from Shepherds junction to Treamble. It may be of interest to mention that a further extension from Treamble to Gravel Hill was built in 1874. This was constructed with the consent of the landowners but without Parliamentary Powers! The line of just over a mile in length remained in use until 1888 when the track was removed. (Photo courtesy Royal Institution of Cornwall)

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