Mining in our Area

Mount Mine – 1916

Mount Mine (also known as Perran Iron Mine), near Cubert. Taken in the summer of 1916 by the adit portal with a group of ladies sitting on 2ft gauge mine cars. Each one is holding a miner’s tallow candle but it is highly unlikely that they actually ventured underground especially in view of their attire!

The short lived re-opening of the mine at this time was not a success. In the nineteenth century however the mine had been a moderate producer of iron ore. It will be noted that the tunnel portal is unusually large. The reason for this is that in an earlier working this adit was driven large enough to accommodate standard gauge (4ft 8in) mineral waggons. This track then connected with the Treamble branch line thus saving trans-shipment of ore. (Photo courtesy of the late Tony Barrett)

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